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The best attorneys in the field of Oregon stalking order defense have experience with civil depositions,family law, fathers’ rights, and criminal defense. These are the tools the attorneys of Arnold Law have successfully employed over the years with great success.

Oregon attorney Mike Arnold estimates that a majority of all stalking orders are either frivolous or clearly do not meet the statutory definition of stalking. Go sit in the the Lane County courthouse on Monday mornings and hear how many of these cases are clearly aimed at gaining an advantage in a custody case, revenge for a break-up, involve a neighbor dispute, or are based on annoying behavior that clearly is protected speech.

At Arnold Law we understand the collateral damage that a stalking order can cause, including:

  • Not seeing your child
  • Public embarrassment
  • Loss of concealed handgun license (CHL)
  • Restrictions to your liberty (freedom of movement)
  • Job loss
  • Black mark on a background check
  • Loss of firearm hunting rights

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Our Oregon stalking order attorneys have seen real world examples of clients’ lives being adversely affected by false stalking order petitions, involving everything from a false stalking order making the AP wire to job opportunities lost to or children devastated by not seeing their father until we had the case dismissed.

In our experience, most Oregon stalking order cases are dismissed without ever having a trial. It turns out that most people who file frivolous stalking orders do it on bad advice from family, friends, attorneys with zero experience in stalking order cases, and the taxpayer-supported District Attorney’s Victim Services office. Once we get involved in the case, most of these clearly frivolous cases are dismissed with both sides agreeing not to contact each other.

While this is a satisfying result, it is still a travesty that Oregon courts are granting these sorts of orders in the first place. As a matter of public policy, it is a sad state of our society when the government (via the courts and sheriff who serves you) must use taxpayer funds to deliver a message to someone that says, “I don’t want contact with you anymore.”

In our experience, many frivolous cases involve a petitioner not wanting any more contact with an annoying ex-suitor, for example. Instead of having that uncomfortable conversation where the petitioner tells the respondent, “Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t contact me. I don’t want to see you ever again,” the petitioner files a stalking order. An aggressive discovery process typically uncovers mixed messages and repeated contact BY THE PETITIONER which seems to encourage contact or at least only equivocally discourages contact.

Long gone are the days where it was romantic to continue pursuing someone. Nowadays, instead of telling someone, “Seriously, no, I don’t like you,” people file frivolous stalking orders. Very rare are the cases involving the creepy stalker that is clearly pursuing someone they have no business pursuing.

These serious orders should be saved for scary people who don’t understand that “no” means “no” and for domestic violence abusers. Oregon SPOs should not be tools for child custody cases and for people too passive-aggressive to tell someone themselves that they don’t want anything to do with them anymore.

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