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Just because you lost an Oregon stalking order hearing doesn’t mean you are doomed with one for the rest of your life. These cases are very appealable and judges often make errors in applying the law.

At Arnold Law in Eugene we have experience in stalking order trials and appeals throughout the state of Oregon. We understand the Oregon stalking order law better than most and have experience in appellate work.

When hiring an attorney for an appeal, ask them how many appeals their firm has done. Appellate law has many malpractice pitfalls that can harm your case. Also, ask them how many stalking order cases their firm has tried. That will be a good indication of how knowledgeable they are about Oregon stalking order law.

Frivolous/False SPOs

Attorney Mike Arnold estimates that a majority of all stalking orders are either frivolous or clearly do not meet the statutory definition of stalking. Go sit in the the Lane County Circuit Court on Monday mornings and hear how many of these cases are clearly aimed at gaining an advantage in a custody case, revenge for a break-up, involve a neighbor dispute, or are based on annoying behavior that clearly is protected speech.

At Arnold Law  we understand the collateral damage that a stalking order can cause.

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