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  • Representative Cases


    Manslaughter in 1st Degree | Tampering with Evidence – 45-minute not-guilty verdict after over two weeks of trial

    Client found not guilty of Manslaughter in the First Degree and Tampering with physical evidence, and found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol by the five-women, seven-men Linn County jury in Albany in August 2013.

    The Manslaughter charge is a Measure 11 charge that would have resulted in a minimum of seven years, six months in prison if he were convicted. The charges stemmed from a fatal motorcycle accident in the early a.m. hours on September 24, 2011, on the Foster Dam Road in Sweet Home, resulting in the death of client’s fiancée and serious injuries to client, who was life flighted to the hospital. In the 10-day trial, where over 30 witnesses were called, trial testimony focused on who was operating the motorcycle at the time of the fatal motorcycle accident.

    Sodomy I (Jessica’s Law) – 3 Measure 11 counts dismissed after innocence proved

    This was a Jessica’s Law case where, if convicted, Client was facing a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 25 to 75 years in prison. Client passed a polygraph in the case and his attorneys Mike Arnold and Lissa Landau conducted an investigation illustrating his actual innocence. Michael Arnold, stated, “Our client is thankful for his release and dismissal of these terrible false accusations against him. He was a wrongfully accused innocent man who had three months of his life stolen from him due to lies and an incomplete investigation. Arnold Law’s investigation showed a lack of motive and lack of opportunity to commit the acts alleged against him.The Government’s incomplete investigation turned what should have been an uncomfortable family matter involving a very troubled child into an unjustly incarcerated man and placed unthinkable stress on his family...”

    Harassment – Self-defense after being threatened by baseball bat and pepper spray – NOT GUILTY VERDICT

    A Eugene Municipal Court jury found client not-guilty of physical harassment after 21 minutes of deliberations. Client accused of tackling a man in his estranged wife’s home and throwing him into the bushes after man confronted client with baseball bat and pepper spray. Accusations stemmed from a child custody dispute between the client and his estranged wife. Client did not testify.

    Assault, Harassment, and Reckless Endangering – Self-defense against gas station owner at the coast – NOT GUILTY VERDICT

    Client accused of assaulting gas station owner and running over woman’s foot while leaving the scene. Vigorous cross-examination of the state’s six eye witnesses and two police officers, showed flaws in the investigation, a rush to judgment, biases of the witnesses, and faulty memories or lies. Client did not testify. After 47 minutes of deliberating, a Lincoln County jury found him not guilty of all charges.

    Sex Abuse Case dismissed

    Client charged with sexually abusing his employee. After an investigation showed that some of the complaining witnesses recanted their statements and motives for false accusations discovered, case dismissed before trial.


    Product Liability – Zooma Scooter

    Lawsuit against stand-up gas-powered scooter after handle bar welding failed, causing crash with elbow fracture. Plaintiff received a poor offer and then a dismal arbitration award. Plaintiff appealed to a jury trial. Jury trial result 25 times the arbitration award. Sometimes it takes a jury to sort out a case.

    Product Liability/Wrongful Death – G-Max Motorcycle Helmet

    Husband and wife were on their motorcycle when negligent driver pulled out in front of them. Wife’s helmet strap webbing failed and her helmet came off. She died of head trauma. Six figure settlement with G-Max distributor.

    Nursing Home Death

    Complex litigation involving a for-profit nursing home where a CNA who failed to give anti-seizure medication to Vietnam War veteran several times. He died from seizure. Status: confidential settlement.

    Wrongful Death – Drunk Driver Kills Teenage Girl

    After a party in the hills, a drunk driver rolls his car off of an embankment, seriously injuring his passengers and killing our client’s teenage daughter. The car’s severely intoxicated owner and surviving passengers claim the decedent was driving. Our investigation uncovered a possible conspiracy between the kids to blame the girl who couldn’t speak for herself. The DA’s Office convicted the car owner for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor but refused to have the blood in the car analyzed for DNA to establish who was driving. Arnold Law was able to seize the blood evidence, had DNA tests performed, and hired a passenger kinesiologist to determine the locations of the occupants based on blood location. The discovery of the car owner’s blood on the steering column led to a negotiated settlement between the injured occupants and the owner’s insurance company.


    DUII – Springfield Tavern Collision - NOT GUILTY VERDICT

    Client accused of driving his truck into the side of the bar causing damage and then fleeing scene. Law enforcement arrested him later at his home after he had some drinks at home. After a two-day Springfield Municipal Court jury trial, where cross-examination focused on the police officers’ flawed investigation (by failing to investigate client’s claims of drinking at home AFTER driving), and after less than thirty minutes of deliberation, the jury found him not guilty of DUII. Client did not testify.


    Sexual Harassment Defense – Hospital Administrator Stalking

    Mike Arnold defended the administrator of a hospital who pursued a relationship with a young woman who was apparently giving him mixed signals. Before contacting our firm he was convicted of a criminal stalking charge and lost a stalking order trial. She then sued him for $500,000 claiming sexual harassment, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. In a Marion County jury trial after a brutal cross-examination of the plaintiff and picking apart their psychologist expert, we won a defense verdict.

    Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings Defense – Elder Abuse Gone Bad

    Mike Arnold defended a woman in United States District Court who as accused of wrongfully initiating an elder abuse case in state court. Plaintiff was wife of client’s brother. Brother stole substantial assets from their father while he was infirm. Client received a large verdict against brother in state court but sister-in-law received a defense verdict. Sister-in-law then sued in federal court. We won a defense verdict after a jury trial in federal court.

    Product Liability – Cattle rancher’s livestock killed from defective feeding pellets

    We represented an Oregon rancher whose cattle were killed by endophyte poisoning from grass seed screening pellets. We were able to retain the best expert in the world on endophytes who just happened to be a professor at OSU. Extensive and highly technical discovery was conducted and ultimately the case settled for damages before trial.


    Wrongful Use of Civil Proceedings – False Stalking Order to Gain Custody

    Received a $50,000 judgment through bankruptcy adversarial proceeding due to mother lying to get a stalking order.

    Stalking Order – Lying about Rape to Gain Custody

    We won a dismissal after trial. Court made findings of fact that stalking order was brought for an improper purpose.